Our Services

We offer quality printing services and products. You will also find most interesting our portfolio containing photos of all publications and printed works of Masterman Publications Limited.

Our Services

Graphic Design

Design is an important stage in our production process. We have a team of highly skilled designers committed to producing designs that more than satisfy the requirements of our clients. Our designers understand our clients by listening to their needs and expectations. They engage their special talents of creativity in developing designs that are outstanding. The design and pre-press department has state of the art equipment that will make sure the final design work meet the clients expectation.


At Masterman Publications, our high quality print standards have led to the development of a system that ensures that our finished products delight our clients. Entrenched in this system is the effective blend of relevant technology and technical expertise. We consistently insist on outstanding work at every stage, that is, from the typesetting/design stage, through to the pre-press, press, finishing and delivery stages. The dynamism of the printing industry is one of our greatest concern and we therefore make it a point to utilise modern technology in our print works. We observe as a matter of principle, the technological trends of the industry to empower our staff with the latest information to deliver quality products to our clients all year round.


Our Publications Unit has won several contracts from the Ministry of Education, Ghana and our reputed books are very competitive on the Ghanaian market. Our Publications Unit is aggressively pursuing the development of best-selling storybooks and textbooks by a wide range of authors for school children of all ages. With a publications team whose personnel remain committed to delivering quality, we work with all diligence to produce content that is not only accurate and relevant, but also absolutely free from error and promotes the education of readers.