Phonics Activity Book for KG1 & KG 2

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Leticia Addo



“Learning to hear, is the first step to learning to read”- This means a child’s ability to read and read well depends largely on his or her ability to distinguish between sounds. This book seeks to give a very comprehensive outlook in teaching phonics to children and help develop their reading interest.


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  1. Hello sir/madam,

    Please I am a headteacher of a primary school.

    I have realized your books have been selected as one of the approved books by NACCA based on the new curriculum.

    I want to purchase some for me school so I need you to tell me the prices of the workbook, textbook/learners book and teachers guide for all classes from KG1 – BS6.

    That is English, Maths, OWOP, Computing, Asante Twi, Creative Arts, Science, RME, History.

    Thank you.

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