Novels for Upper Primary , J.H.S & S.H.S

JHS/SHS (Young Adult Readers)

Masterman Publications Limited has a series of young adult readers targeting readers between the ages of 12 to 18. Our Young Adult Literature features coming of age stories and addresses contemporary issues in our society for readers who are entering puberty and are on the fringes of adulthood.

The messages or contents are not heavy-handed. Our books are created with struggling readers in mind. They offer the sort of content readers want to read; while making reading quick and easy. The stories feature easily identifiable characters and seek to advice based on life experiences.



Novels and books for the matured mind. Our tertiary level books deal with controversial and contemporary issues affecting society. They offer insight on the problems and bottlenecks affecting society. They are written for the enjoyment of discerning and critical-thinking matured minds. Most of the topics and content matter deal with the ills of the modern world and how they can be corrected by determined individuals. The writers are knowledgeable individuals who have in-depth exposure to the ideas elaborated upon and unfolding in the stories.

These stories are designed to appeal to the senses of readers.

Masterman offers to schools quality text and story books as well as printing services and products at very reasonable prices. We distribute our books to all the regions in Ghana.

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