Language Activities for Kindergarten

Language Activities for Kindergarten are a set of two books designed to provide a good foundation for Primary School Education. This is a skills-based workbook which aims at expanding the vertical communication skills and also developing the reading and writing skills of the child.

The workbook is based on the Ghana Education Service (GES) Curriculum for Kindergarten. The basic skills children need to develop have been highlighted. The activities are graded and put into terms for the convenience of the teacher/parent and the child.

Teachers and parents are encouraged to guide children in doing the activities to make the child’s learning experience fun and enjoyable.

The authors who are past heads of the National Nursery Teachers’ Training Centre (NNTTC), Accra has considerable experience in Early Childhood Education. They have carefully selected activities to enhance the development of the child’s basic learning skills in language such as listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Masterman offers to schools quality text and story books as well as printing services and products at very reasonable prices. We distribute our books to all the regions in Ghana.

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