Citizenship Education for Primary (Book set 4-6)

Citizenship Education for Primary Schools is a set of three books for upper primary pupils. This series addresses a range of pertinent issues such as pollution, corruption and morality in Ghanaian society. The textbooks serve to inculcate patriotism in children by showing them the need to be diligent, honest, hardworking and responsible members of society. Pupils are taught the need for proper care and maintenance of national assets. Subjects such as proper handling of money are also addressed. This series has been prepared to meet the age and grade level needs of the children who are expected to use them. The language used has been carefully adapted to the grade levels. The content is structured in such a way that both teachers and pupils would enjoy using the books. The layout of the books was designed in order to improve continuous learning among pupils. The cover design is visually appealing and stimulating to the senses of pupils. There are examples from real life and daily experiences that children observe in in their communities. Examples have also been cited from various cultural environments so that the books are not culturally biased. Religious issues have also been addressed with a balanced approach. One important feature of the series is that the books are activity based and learner centred. The authors believe this would improve the quality of teaching in the classroom. Teachers and pupils who would use the books would be glad they have come across it. The accompanying teacher’s guides are invaluable to classroom teachers. We strongly recommend these books to all schools and growing children in Ghana.

Masterman offers to schools quality text and story books as well as printing services and products at very reasonable prices. We distribute our books to all the regions in Ghana.

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